Hey… It’s been a minute.

Mostly because we’ve been busy with all sorts of things. Like growing up, growing in general, taking on more games, trying to manage more skills, broadening our abilities and understanding, and so on and so forth. So, a lot…

But why am I grabbing the mic now? Well – because times are exciting. And strange. And up and down. And exciting! And it is worth talking about. Because sharing openly is caring openly. And as we grow and learn, it’s important to us to (hopefully) help others that are on their own path.

Perfection is Death

A perfect state is a state of completeness. Of stillness. Everything is done, and it cannot be altered, moved, or changed. In this regard, perfection is a state of death because the opposite – life – is dynamic, ever-changing, moving, and flowing.

This also holds true for any company on its journey. There is no perfect state, and either you are progressing or regressing. You’re on the road to becoming stale and irrelevant, or you are on the road to reinvention and rebirth. This is a constant struggle – and one that requires proactiveness if you want to be on the side of progress rather than regressing.

Raw Fury has spent its fair amount of time on this precarious road, with all the proper twists and turns. Trying to navigate as best we can. We’ve tried to keep true to our own goal – of being a positive force in the industry and a catalyst for good.

All while taking on new types of games and teams that weren’t maybe “classic” Raw Fury types.

And it has been a rocky road but a worthwhile one. We’re now emerging from such a period, hopefully, stronger and wiser. Growing wiser, bigger and older is constantly challenging, but it comes with its own rewards as long as you try to stay the course and stay true to your values and fundamentals.

Which leads to here

With signing more varied titles and larger teams, we initially struggled a bit. It is hard to adapt to new things and make sure you are as good at the New ™ as you are at The Old ™. But with constantly working on improving and forging even stronger ties with our developers, we’ve seen back-to-back releases of some of the strongest launches we’ve seen in our eight years of being a thing.

Cassette Beasts, for us, was an outlier. A genre we hadn’t really touched on before. An audience we had to learn. But with a brilliant team and loads of dedication, it is the highest-rated game we have released on Steam, the fastest-selling Raw Fury game on Nintendo Switch and has a long tail that is definitely something to write home about.

And then there is Friends Vs Friends. A purely multiplayer title, which was something completely new to us. But we knew the developers well and what they were capable of. They are amazing and talented people who simply knocked it out of the park. Resulting in the fastest-selling game on Steam that we’ve had since inception (150.000 units, when this is written).

But why this post, though?

Well… maybe it is a reminder to ourselves that taking chances and reinventing yourself is worth it if you keep at it, plan for it, and try to tackle things with a positive attitude and a positive heart. Maybe to underline that this is a constant in this industry – things are always moving, and it is worth the ride to try to move with them.

Perhaps I’m writing this to inspire both developers and other publishers that it is more than okay to keep taking risks and try novel things. To keep fighting the good fight instead of resting on those proverbial laurels.

Or maybe just because I felt like bragging a bit 😊 

Jonas, CEO