You Found Our "About" Page.

You know, that part of any website where personality and character usually go to die. Where dry corporate-speak rules supreme and we ramble on about our past accomplishments, our merits, our super talents, and our good qualities.

Let’s see if we can fix that, shall we?

We (Un)Publish Games.

(Un)Publish Website

Look. Sometimes you need to undo a thing before you can redo it. That’s how we think when it comes to publishing games, hence that “Un” stuff at the beginning.

It’s also a nice differentiator that we blatantly use to stand out a bit because we’re sly like that, except when you admit the very thing you’re being sly about in the same sentence. We know, super slick, right?

Anyway – we publish games but there is more to it. Raw Fury is a passion project. We’re privately funded, fiercely independent, and all about doing what makes us and the people we work with happy.

We do that by putting more emphasis on “games” and less on “industry”, by building long-term partnerships with developers where both sides feel they are equals and in this together. Usually that leads to great friendships. And what’s wrong with that? Not a damn thing.

Who Are You?

We’re just people, man. Just people with an abnormal interest in games. Ok, actually it goes beyond that. All of us believe that games matter. They are the marriage of art and craft. They can elevate, change, entertain, surprise, and move people. They’re the modern vessels for our stories – our imagination. They facilitate communication and communion.

We’ve run both small and large development studios, we’ve produced games, promoted them, and written about them. We’ve designed them, distributed them, and delivered them into the hands of fans. We are a mixed team of veterans and new talent. We have enjoyed success and survived through challenges.

And this is where we follow our passion to help the next generation of developer magicians. To help them find success, be happy, and stay independent.

But those are just words. Look at our actions. Speak to people who know us. Check out our blog posts. Follow us on Twitter and verify for yourself that we are who we say we are.

What Do You Look For?

Magic. We don’t care about genres or mechanics. We care about experiences and emotions. We want to help make magic.

We are at our best when we work with small teams that need someone to handle all the things that are not directly tied to making magic.

From QA to PR and platform relations. From speaking with players to streamers and content creators.

I'm Making Magic! What Do I Do?

Send us an e-mail and we’ll talk.

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