Raw Fury is a (un)publisher.

We don’t care about genres or mechanics.
We care about experiences and emotions.
And we want to help developers make magic.

Those are lofty words. Just like all the ones in that video, which is the visual equivalent of blowing bubbles. Anyway – back to the main thing. So, what do we mean with (un)publishing games?

We (Un)Publish Games.

Look. Sometimes you need to undo a thing before you can redo it. That’s how we think when it comes to publishing games, hence that “Un” stuff at the beginning. It’s also a nice differentiator that we blatantly use to stand out a bit because we’re sly like that, except when you admit the very thing you’re being sly about in the same sentence. We know, super slick, right?
Anyway – we publish games but there is more to it. Raw Fury is a passion project. We’re all about doing what makes us and the people we work with happy. We’ve run both small and large development studios, we’ve produced games, promoted them, and written about them. We’ve designed them, distributed them, and delivered them into the hands of fans. We are a mixed team of veterans and new talent. We have enjoyed success and survived through challenges.

And this is where we follow our passion to help the next generation of developer magicians. To help them find success, be happy, and stay independent. To fulfill this promise, we live by The Tenets of Fury, our principles.

The Tenets of Fury

1. Treat People like People

It sounds super simple. But sadly, so many businesses have lost track of this over the years. The very simple truth of the basics of human interaction; trust and respect. Add the word “mutual” and magic ensues. This is what we believe in, both within the Fury family but also in all our relationships. With the developers we work with to our partners, they are part of the Fury family. Hello all ? Internally, this is – for example – reflected in our belief that people should be able to conduct their work as best suits them. That means they can work when they want, how they want, and from where they want. Transparency, mutual respect, and trust are the basis of making this work. And it works. Who knew treating people like people could be such a good idea?

2. For happiness, over profit

Yeah, I get it. This one is tough to swallow. After all, Raw Fury is a business. But you know what? It is part of our DNA. We work with people we like, focus on happiness, and believe money comes as a derivative of people feeling happy and motivated to do their best work… because they want to. Controversial? Maybe. Working. Yes.

3. Games are art

In our mind this is a fact. Games, along with movies, books, music, artwork… they are an artform. They can touch people. To change minds and hearts. They can transmute an idea into something new. Elevate the human spirit and work as inspiration to become and be better. They are an expression of our collective humanity. They show us the best and the worst of who we are. Just like any other artform. And it is our charge to not only view them so but treat them so.

What else?

Just the usual stuff. Our main base of operations is Stockholm, where we’ve fortified a small commune of game lovers in a beautiful mansion, which we call The House of Fury. It has corridors of publishing, rooms of production and windows of marketing. It is also made of candy. Okay, that’s not true. But it is a pretty awesome house!

But we also have Furies (yeah – that’s right. That’s what we call ourselves. Sorry) all over the globe. Without an ass-in-seat policy, we’ve built up a blazing line of talented Furies from California to British Colombia on the North American west coast, a lonesome scout (he’s not as scary as he looks, do send him pitches) in Malmö and a sales alchemist in Bucharest. Our own development team Fury Studios is in Zagreb, Croatia, where they help developers with porting, code optimization, testing, and more, to support our developers.

Hey! We even own part of an airfield on the island of Værøy in Norway, because… why not? We haven’t figured out what we want to do with it yet, but we’re sure it will involve spatulas, somehow.

Final things and links and stuff

And if you are making magic and want us to check it out, then this is a good place to start reading what you should (could – because you can send us whatever you like, really) put in a pitch to us (as well as some motivations behind it). 

And hey! If you want to be our friend, then that’s awesome! Our “treat people like they are people” thing applies to you too! So come hang, talk about awesome games and have fun. All you need to do is scroll down and hit that sweet “Join” button to be a Friend of Fury. I know you want to!

Do it.