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We believe that some of the most powerful experiences today come from small independent teams that are striving to create something full of meaning and emotional impact. Niche games that resonate with a specific audience. We want to help promote those games. We're also controlled by a super-evil artificial intelligence that wants to rule the world, but that's a minor detail.

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40% Off Tormentor X Punisher Sale!

Great news to all you not-quite-yet-but-soon-to-be demon hunters! If you’ve been looking for an excuse to jump into Tormentor X Punisher (because somehow awesome gameplay, sweet pixelated bloody goodness, and a face-melting soundtrack of hellish glory weren’t enough for you), we finally have it! Starting today and for a limited time only, you can pick…

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The Great F#%king Midsummer TXP Giveaway! (™ pending)

UPDATE:  Winners have been announced! If you participated, check the widget for your name and if you won, check your email for instructions. ———————————————————————– It’s a new day. The sun may or may not be shining. There might be a squirrel chasing a bird from outside your bedroom window. Either way, it’s the perfect day…

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