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We believe that some of the most powerful experiences today come from small independent teams that are striving to create something full of meaning and emotional impact. Niche games that resonate with a specific audience. We want to help promote those games. We're also controlled by a super-evil artificial intelligence that wants to rule the world, but that's a minor detail.

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Tormentor X Punisher will rip your face off and eat it

There are demons lounging around, you know what to do. Joonas Turner (game/sound designer) previously on Nuclear Throne and Downwell Beau Blyth (programmer) previously on Hyper Light Drifter and Samurai Gunn Tuuka Stefanson (artist) in his debut game This is going to be ridiculous. Tormentor X Punisher is an over-the-top twin-stick arena shooter. It is violence distilled into…

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Come see GoNNER (and us Raw Fury folks) at Gamescom!

GoNNER is making its Indie Arena Booth debut AND we’re showing our unannounced project in the business area! We’re here in Cologne, land of schnitzel and Kölsch, getting things all prepped to show GoNNER at Gamescom! Hooray! Oh, you’re at Gamescom, too? THEN COME AND SEE US, DAMN IT! GoNNER is a part of the wonderful Indie Arena Booth (the…

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Check out this interview with @GamereactorUK to learn more details on Tormentor X Punisher!
RT @rawfurygames: Want to play Tormentor X Punisher? Come check it out at PAX West next week along with GoNNER at the @IndieMEGABOOTH https…

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