Boo, Alchemists!

It’s HALLOWEEN SEASON, BABY. You know what that means, don’t you? What’s that? Dressing up like sexy corn? No, that’s not a thing. How can corn be – you know what, never mind. You just sit there and be quiet and listen, because it’s time for…

To celebrate everyone’s favorite festivities, we’ve put together the Eerie Items DLC, which includes all sorts of spoopy decor that are designed to make your house look as Halloweeny as possible. We’ve got pumpkins! Skeletons! Cobwebs! In fact, let’s just look at the individual items:

You can get all of these items (plus maybe more exciting things, hmmmm) on October 27th, just in time to decorate your Moonstone Island home and town for Halloween night. Just 3.99 USD/3.99 EUR/3.49 GBP will get you all the paid content, and it’ll be 10% off for the first week when it launches!