A message, from the developers at Tlön Industries!

Hey everyone,

Today we would like to invite all of you to our OPEN BETA for our upcoming Multiplayer Update! Before we get into the Hows and Whats, we would like to talk about the Why of offering a timed Beta first.

About the Beta
The Beta will run from December 16th until Sunday, December 19th 2021.
Our Multiplayer works via Peer 2 Peer, as such there are no servers involved. In some rare cases, this direct kind of connection can cause problems for some players. Mods are not usable in Multiplayer.

Instructions on how to opt-in to the multiplayer beta can be found on the Steam page, here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/803050/view/3136191639749587765

How does Multiplayer work?

  • Multiplayer is available in Sandbox Mode only.
  • You and up to three of your friends team up to terraform Mars together.
  • It is a Cooperative experience. So you’re all in this together.
  • You can save your game and resume it later.

Please provide us as much information as possible. Seriously, the more information we have, the better we can try to fix issues, especially for desynchronization.