Renegades – it’s time to step in to their dimension.

December 16th is go-time! We’ve got you a one-way ticket to the so-called “Prime Dimension” — the epicenter of the Imperium and the source of their invasions.  Who knows what you’ll face on the other side, but I’ve got a feeling it ain’t going to go down without a fight.  So, what are you waiting for, grub-worms?!? Gear up, lock and load, and tell J5 to tuck away his marshmallow kit because things are about to get serious!

The Prime Dimension includes:

  • A New Dimension: Take the fight right to the heart of the tyrannical regime by invading their home turf. It won’t be easy, but you can finally put an end to the multidimensional menace that calls itself The Imperium!
  • New Opponents: New Behemoths arrive on the scene! They’re far more powerful than any opponent you have faced so far – so powerful that you’ll get a sixth hero(!!!) to fight them with! That’s right, it’s PRIME TIME, baby!
  • Recruitable Progeny: Finally, you’ll be able to recruit Progeny / Hero Variants mid-run (presuming you’ve unlocked them, of course!)
  • A New Ending: With the incursion into the Prime Dimension comes the climax of the Star Renegades’ trials. After everything your squad’s have been through, witness the end of the Imperium’s machinations and experience the finale of the story.
  • A New Renegade:  The Dark Paragon –  Recruit a potent new damage dealer who can steal health from your foes (with the aid of an alien parasite) and change forms in the middle of battle!

The Prime Dimension Free Expansion is launching on December 16 for PC and early 2022 for consoles.


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