Kingdom Two Crowns

Dear Monarchs!

By royal decree, we celebrate the third anniversary of Kingdom Two Crowns. To mark the occasion, Kingdom Two Crowns will be free on iOS this weekend, Saturday December 11 and Sunday December 12!

Your prosperous reigns remained steadfast in defence against the advance of the Greed. Each new island and realm was explored, challenges were met, and countless attacks rebuffed. And, through it all, you expanded, creating magnificent empires. Watching you work together, share strategies, discover and learn the game together, and continue to grow one of the best game communities ever fills us with creative energy.

It was that same inspiration that filled our hopes for Kingdom Two Crowns at launch three years ago. We set out to create a deeper campaign that kept the familiar Kingdom feel, full of new challenges and ready to be shared in co-op. As the community grew, so did our ambitions for making new lands to explore and conquer, complete with new settings, mechanics, and units.

Your support helped guide the evolution of the game since launch. You, our dear Monarchs, have shown how much you care for Kingdom through your many suggestions, posts, and videos on all of our social platforms. So when we expanded the available settings with Shogun and Dead Lands, it turned out to be fuel to an already roaring fire. Once we heard calls for a more challenging experience we created Challenge Islands, but made sure that those who overcome them are rewarded. And today, we build upon everything we’ve done with Norse Lands, a premium expansion filled to the brim with unique mechanics and visuals, steeped in Norse mythology. It’s an experience we’ve wanted to make for a long time and we’re delighted to hear that you are enjoying it as well.

Here we are, back again at a point not unlike before Kingdom Two Crowns. Your spirit for the game has us full of ideas. These three years have been incredible. Now in the ones to come, we have our bar to beat.

We look forward to continuing to build, explore, and expand the Kingdom world with you, Monarchs.

Long Live You All!

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