Oh winter, oh winter, 

early comes the dawn, 

and the gloom is soon gone, 

the time is right for stories 

and golden memories… 


The bard interrupts his song as a freezing wind sweeps through the tavern, extinguishing the candles on the richly set tables. A shiver runs down the spines of the celebrating guests as a cloaked figure enters the now deathly quiet room. 

>>Greetings brave adventurers and unfortunate fools,
the time has come to announce the gathering of Raw Fury‘s bravest Sorcerers and Bards with the great and terrible dungeon master Anders Lauridsen!<< 

Even if the visitor’s face is veiled by the shadow of a hood, an observant gaze is noticeable. The faces of the tavern visitors vary between barely definable fear, abrupt surprise, but also a certain fascination about the message of this mysterious nocturnal visitor. 

>>The Black Priory calls every brave soul to the island of Idra, where horrors, as they could come directly from the sinister mind of Lovecraft, roam. Take with you all the golden memories of long-gone adventures and cling to them as you gradually uncover the secrets of Skald. But be warned! Don’t let the pixelated beauty and captivating story drag you into an endless abyss. << 

While the grim character speaks of vile creatures and dark secrets, despite this dreary prospect, the hearts of the just-celebrating tavern-goers fill again with a tender flame of courage, but also doubt.  

How did they get to this tavern in the first place, who is the generous innkeeper who piled the tables with delicious food and sparkling drinks? Was it even this figure? It must have been so… 

>> Take this as a challenge to take up the fight Against the Black Priory! Be aware of the dangers… but for now, eat and drink. The gathering has just begun. Save your strength and courage… you will hear more from us very soon! The Black Priory awaits you brave fools! << 

With these words, the cloaked figure collapses, leaving only an empty robe. The candles and hearth flare up as if by magic and fill the room again with a comforting warmth.  

Was this just a dream… was it a phantasm of alcohol? The tavern-goers, celebrating again, do not let on about this doubt. But in their hearts, everyone is convinced that this is only the beginning of a new adventure called: “SKALD: Against the Black Priory“. 

The playable prologue of SKALD: Against the Black Priory is available for free on Steam and GOGAnders Lauridsen and Raw Fury would like to invite all role-playing game fans and dungeon crawlers to spend the holidays in the rich fantasy universe of SKALD 

More information will be revealed by the Bards of Raw Fury in 2022. In the meantime, wishlist Skald on Steam, here

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