Day 14 of Rawcember takes to the sky with the latest and greatest DLC for Atomicrops! 'Reap What You Crow' sees all your hard, Atomicrops work come back to you! It also answers the age-old question of "What would a crow-person look like riding a horse with a giant scythe?" - you know, a question for the ages. Consoles will be getting the update early next year, but for now, Steam owners can enjoy a brand new character, weapons, and a way to play!

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  • New Character: Oregacrow - Newly arrived on the farm with their cooking cauldrons in hand, Oregacrow has a particular diet that turns all dropped seeds into corn or roses. Harvest large crops to obtain increasingly higher-tier seeds!
  • New Unique Plant: Oregano - Replaces heart beets when eaten. Fill up Oregacrow's cauldrons with specific crops to gain bonus upgrades.
  • New Weapon: Scythe - Perfect for those that want to get up close and personal with their crops OR the angry end of your enemies. This is our first and only melee weapon which packs a ton of useful farming and combat mods. Did we mention that the scythe comes with a horse for those that upgrade?
  • New Weapon: Leech Gun - Have you ever thought to yourself, "Self, have you ever wondered what it would look like if a giant leech (or two) is fired like a bullet?" Question no longer. Also, ew.

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