We’re just one day away from Wolfstride’s release, and we’re excited to share that the “Golden God Edition” of the game will feature a full, early version of the game’s script. To celebrate Rawcember, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the 13-page prologue, introducing the game’s main trio and the lives that have led them to the impending events of Wolfstride.

The full script — releasing alongside the game tomorrow — will feature 600+ pages of story and illustrations, plus an exclusive foreword from writer and director Ota Imon. This script symbolizes an incredible journey from an original concept to the complete experience we look forward to sharing with you tomorrow. This game is not particularly short, easy, or light, and we hope the evolution of the story surprises and moves you as you play. We can’t wait to hear what differences, large and small, you catch between this script and final game and why you think those changes were made.

Check out the first few pages of the prologue below! If you’re excited to read the rest, be sure to pick up the full script tomorrow with Wolfstride’s “Golden God Edition”, which also includes the full game, its original soundtrack, and a collection of stylish wallpapers for your home screen and desktop.

Every day of Rawcember comes with a gift, giveaway or other surprise!

Today: The Prologue of Wolfstride’s Illustrated Script

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