The Signifier VR, the surreal first-person mystery adventure game from developer Playmestudio and publisher Raw Fury, launches on Meta Quest 2 today. Move freely between reality, objective memories and subjective feelings, searching for clues and solving puzzles on a mind-bending journey that blends experimental investigation, psychology and artificial intelligence.

Take on the role of Frederick Russell, an expert in AI and psychology, and the main researcher behind an experimental deep brain scanner called the Dreamwalker. Thrust into a spiral of intrigue after the vice president of the world’s biggest tech company turns up dead in her apartment, you must utilize the controversial device to explore the unconscious mind as you venture through worlds both real and surreal in search of the truth.

The Signifier VR delivers complete narrative and atmospheric immersion, letting newcomers and fans of the original alike experience this riveting story from a totally new perspective. Imaginative dreamscapes come to life with high-resolution textures, detailed environments, pre-baked lighting, and a variety of interactive objects. The VR edition has been carefully rebuilt for Meta Quest 2 with full locomotion, UI adjustments, revised puzzles, more interactive objects, and more. The game’s natural movement mechanics, intuitive controls and minimalist UI are designed to provide engaging gameplay while enhancing accessibility for those prone to motion sickness.

The Signifier VR is available now as a digital download on the Meta Quest Store for $19.99. Raw Fury has published several other critically acclaimed titles on Meta Quest, including Townscaper VR, Call of the Sea VR, Gun Jam VR and Per Aspera VR, which is a finalist in the VR Category at the BIG Awards and just received the ‘Green Mars’ content update. If you’d like to check out any of the previous VR titles, just reply to this email.