Announcing The Longest Road on Earth from Raw Fury and Brainwash Gang

Choose the long way home when The Longest Road on Earth releases next year

Raw Fury and the developers at Brainwash Gang are partnering up to announce their emotionally evocative new title, The Longest Road on Earth. Set to an original soundtrack that is tailor-made to the wistful narrative, TLROE has limited gameplay mechanics to avoid tarnishing the experience, and no punishing fail-states. Players of all ages, levels of ability, and backgrounds can be whisked away by a heartrending soundtrack as they experience stunning pixel-art animation and explore a stress-free world with simple controls.

Play through four chapters in total that capture the essence of everyday life and leisurely consider moments in time that are both meaningful and mundane. Take time to experience the beauty in the small things like blowing cottony dandelion seeds, collecting seashells, and riding a bike. Meet a collection of characters, each with their own poignant, dialog-free stories. 

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“Scared to see which way the wind blows

Scared to leave you

The past behind“


  • Stunning, monochrome pixel-art that evokes feelings of nostalgia and longing
  • An incredible soundtrack, each song handcrafted to fit the scene and crafted/sung by by the haunting Beícoli
  • Experience the ultimate in chill – The lack of dialogue and minimal gameplay mechanics allow players to insert themselves into the everyday lives of characters facing very real feelings of freedom, loss, gratitude, and longing

“Hey, is it ok if we go back in time to that night…”

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