The day is finally here, and Tails Noir has arrived on PlayStation and Xbox (on GamePass, no less)! Additionally, players across all platforms can now experience the story of Tails Noir in nine total languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese

What is Tails Noir?

Tails Noir is a post-noir narrative adventure. Become raccoon private eye Howard Lotor and explore dystopian Vancouver inhabited by animals as you uncover a deeply personal story of change and transformation.

Tails Noir is inspired by film noir, weird sci-fi, post-soviet aesthetics, modern political regimes, the works of Lynch and Kaufman, and existential philosophy of Sartre. It is a linear, cinematic narrative experience that subverts genre and challenges your perception of what it means to be a person.

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What can I expect?

To anyone about to play Tails Noir for the very first time, we’d like to share the message EggNut co-founders Aleksandra and Nikita wrote just after launch earlier this year:

Tails Noir is a deeply personal project for us, and it encapsulates our lived experiences and common humanity. We knew what we wanted to say and we said it. We stand by it and we are proud of it. But now this game is yours. You decide what to do with it, what to think of it and how to feel about it. We could never truly know your heart and all the beautiful, intricate complexity of what makes you human. All we ever wanted to do is show a little mirror of our souls and hope that in it, you can recognize yours.

We are eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to say something that is honest, true, and vulnerable for us. We made the game we’ve always wanted to play. We feel less alone in the sea of uncaring humanity, because now we share it with you.

That being said, we at Raw Fury hope you find whatever you’re looking for in this story and that you find a piece, however small, to take with you when you’ve finished the game.

Get the game on any of the following stores (oh, P.S. it’s 25% off on Steam’s Halloween Sale, only until November 1):

PlayStation | Microsoft/Xbox | Steam | Epic | GOG