Big news incoming! We’ve just set up a bunk bed in the ol’ volcano lair for our new best friend Altor and we’re knee deep in slumber party festivities. Pizza is on the way, we picked out a horror movie our moms would definitely hate, and the first one to fall asleep is getting a face full of permanent marker.

In case the metaphor wasn’t obvious, let’s be clear about it—we’re partnering up with Altor. We already have a great team at Raw Fury and adding Altor into the mix means we can take what we’re already doing well and grow it even further. Altor’s business expertise and belief in us will provide the opportunity we need to ace the next level of our journey, publish innovative games (we have some big stuff on the horizon, so watch this space!), and shake up the game space, fuelling it with more art, positive disruption, and a Raw Fury circus of activity (with a possible side of potatoes).

The experience and monetary boost that Altor brings to the table will allow us to increase our production capacity and add to the team at Raw Fury, giving us the ability to publish larger projects while continuing to still fund smaller projects and experimental art. We can further create and contribute to initiatives like Art of Fury, spinning up the Guerrilla Collective, bolstering the African Game Dev Prototype Fund and other game-dev focused funds, donating to charities and sponsorships geared toward positive change within our industry, and so much more. We’ll also build a second volcano lair beside the other volcano lair, only slightly higher so we get the two-level effect with a little path right down the middle.

“So y’all are selling out huh?” is what some people might say. But nah, nothing could be further from the truth. This is just the next important stepping stone in our pursuit to support artistic expression within this medium we cherish and love. We will maintain our autonomy and we will keep being a force for good in this industry. Keep putting artistic integrity at the forefront, staying true to our human ethos, and making real connections with our developers and players. This is what matters and why we started this thing in the first place.

None of this would be possible without the support of our former partner, Nordisk Games. We are incredibly grateful for their unwavering confidence in us and the help they provided in getting us ready, not only for this new era but in strengthening who we are and what we represent today.

“Altor is an amazing partner and usually you’d see a lot of bla bla bla here, but in true Fury fashion, I’ll let actions speak rather than words. The future is exciting and I couldn’t be happier, finding an entity like Altor—and the amazing people working there—that believe in our vision, quirkiness and aim. Also, building a secret volcano lair is more expensive than I realized and the upkeep is ridiculous… so there’s that. ” – Jonas

If you want the more ‘business’ version of this press release, head over to our friends at  Altor for more information.