Jotunn Edition is a brand new content expansion for Bad North, and it’s completely free. It’s out now for PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC, iOS, Android, and coming soon to PlayStation 4.

This expansion comes with a slew of new features, content and improvements:

4 New Items to Find

Discover 4 powerful new items to equip to your commanders. Use them wisely and they’ll help you on the road to victory.

Commander Traits

Commanders may now come with one of thirteen small, passive buffs – so more than ever you will need to work with what you have and each run will be more unique.

Maximize their efficiency by choosing items & upgrades which synergize well with your traits.

The Codex - Meta Progression

Track your progress between games in The Codex, which displays all items, traits and units that you have discovered.

Achieving victory on certain islands will allow you to unlock Starting Items and Starting Traits. These can be selected for your initial 2 Commanders when starting a new game.

A New Enemy

Even your pikes will struggle to deal with these swift, dual-wielding Vikings, who will prove a challenge even to experienced commanders.

Checkpoint Islands & Replayable Levels

Checkpoint Islands will give you a reset point, acting as a safety net for when your campaign reaches a tragic conclusion. You can also opt out of the “Iron Man” behaviour of the game by enabling Replayable Levels on a new campaign.

Very Hard Difficulty

If more casual is not what you’re looking for, we’ve also added an unlockable Very Hard difficulty for those who are up to the challenge.

Shared Commander Gold

Gold is now deposited in a shared Gold Bank, rather than distributed to commanders.

Commander Loadouts

Choose the look of your commanders, and equip them with Starting Items & Traits if you’ve unlocked any.

Jotunn Edition also features several new commander looks.

Full Changelog

Upgrades / Meta Progression

  • Added 4 new Items – Mines, Jabena, Philosopher’s Stone & Holy Grail
  • Added Hero Traits – unique buffs for commanders
  • Unlock Items and Traits to equip your Starting Commanders
  • View details of all upgrades seen in the game in the new Codex view
  • Rebalanced all abilities that launch units (bomb, Warhammer etc.)
  • Nerfed the Warhammer, tweaked it’s targeting and added a 3rd upgrade level
  • Plunge attack is buffed and scales with Infantry level (veteran / elite)
  • When losing an Item Island you can see which Item you would have won



  • See enemy types you will face before playing a level
  • Number of enemy types correlates to total enemy numbers
  • Movement of the Viking Frontier is more controlled & moves faster in harder difficulties
  • Jabena Item allows one Commander to deploy on two Islands per Campaign Turn
  • Optionally allow restarting of levels, as an option when starting a campaign
  • Added checkpoint islands that provide a fixed point you can return to, rather than restarting your campaign
  • Very Hard difficulty is unlocked after completing Hard
  • Ability to delete old campaign saves



  • Gold is now deposited in a shared Gold Bank, rather than distributed to commanders
  • Total Gold in a campaign is more controlled, less RNG
  • Some rare Islands will have a high gold count, but corresponding threat level
  • Philosopher’s Stone Item adds additional Gold into the economy


General Combat

  • Replaced the old red-shielded enemies with a new enemy type
  • Most enemies (including those with shields) can be knocked off of ships
  • Your archers are slightly more likely to target non-shielded troops
  • All archers (except brutes) are more likely to target stunned troops
  • Enemy archers are more likely to target shielded troops
  • Axe-throwers are more likely to target shielded troops with axes
  • Infantry are more responsive when ordered to retreat from enemies
  • Pikes are more able to form up near stunned enemies
  • Archers are better at targeting when close to terrain
  • Units are less likely to get stuck on sharp corners of terrain
  • Longships landing now do significant stun damage, instead of knockback



  • Choose the look and loadout (item + trait) of your starting Commanders
  • See stats for kills and losses in the Upgrade screen
  • See home and death islands in the Upgrade screen
  • View dead Commanders in the Upgrade screen
  • Holy Grail Item allows you to resurrect one Dead Commander
  • Banner Icons altered to give visual representation of Commander Traits
  • Additional facial features, including new hair styles and gray streaks



  • Updated Camera controls for mouse / touch to improve responsiveness
  • Added alternate mouse behaviours for single button mice and touchscreens
  • Added alternate gamepad mapping



  • New UI for all Island Rewards and Won Game
  • Updated unit outlines to be much crisper, especially with MSAA
  • Less visual clipping between shadows, tiles, longships and land
  • Tweaked coloration of the islands
  • Updated graphical effects for fire and smoke
  • Updated effects for bomb explosions