Raw Fury and Tlön Industries are excited to reveal Per Aspera VR is on sale for the very first time on Meta Quest!

You can now pick the game up with a 20% discount between May 19 and May 21 for a limited time only but that’s not all we have in store.

On May 25, we’re releasing a free content update for Per Aspera VR, adding Green Mars content. This will be the first DLC for the game and includes both new gameplay features and visual content updates.

New buildings will be added into the game, including the Organic Material Dumpster which will help to convert CO2 into O2 by burying plants to make room for newer ones. In doing so, you’ll be revitalizing the greenery and building a breathable atmosphere in the process

A new Open Farm will also be added into the game to provide a more sustainable source of food for the colonists and scientists. This also means you won’t just be reliant on ice and chemicals as a resource, but also the wider water network.

We’ve also implemented some new tech with the Urban Flora Integration which allows flora to grow below roads and buildings, ensuring Mars is greener than ever.

In addition, Per Aspera VR has had a visual revamp, including procedurally-generated rivers and clouds to bring more life to the game. Wind and an updated Skybox have also been added, including Constellations.

Raw Fury and Tlön Industries are so excited to be bringing Green Mars to all Per Aspera VR players as a free content update. There genuinely has never been a better time to jump in and experience everything it has to offer, especially with it now on sale on Meta Quest.

Thank you so much for all your support, reviews, comments and feedback. We read and appreciate every single one. 

We’ll see you on Mars!