Take a deeper look into the management systems in the upcoming game from Monkey Moon Games and Raw Fury! Interact with loyal customers, install & upgrade modules based on real-world advancements and hypothetical technology, and satisfy the world’s most advanced AI when Flat Eye comes to PC this year!

Wishlist on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1358840/Flat_Eye/

Explore a vast tech tree to discover and install new modules into your station to entice ‚ÄúPremium Customers‚ÄĚ. Each of these characters will bring with them a new and eye-opening narrative for you to interact with and influence.

Example Modules**:

  • Organ vending Machine¬†(Lab-grown, no free-range organs here)
  • Artificial Womb¬†(Please keep your receipt to receive the correct baby)
  • Cloning Booth¬†(Four hands are better than two)
  • Memory modification¬†(Who needs regrets when you can erase them in a snap?)
  • Smart toilets¬†(We‚Äôll let you figure that one out)
  • Teleportation¬†(One-way tickets only)
  • Plus, many more!