It’s been a little over a year since Mosaic had it’s release, and the world has changed enormously since. The topic of walking to work (albeit it a soul crushing, awful one) feels… Weird. Weird in a different way than what it did a year ago. In many ways, Mosaic is a game that touches on very dark themes. The destruction of the individual in the grinder that is capitalism. The distance we can feel to our fellow humans. The encroaching dread of skyscrapers eating into nature. The monachopsis of a life you feel unsure if you’re truly living. But it’s also a game about finding pockets of strength, of joy as a tool for revolution, of simply turning left when everything you’ve learned tells you that you oughta take a right. It’s an aspect of the game that tends to be overlooked, perhaps swallowed by those themes it’s meant to subvert. The propaganda machine that is the Mosiac Corporation was easier to attach ourselves to, perhaps because it does, in a skewed way, mimic reality a bit too closely.

So now, a year and a pandemic later, let’s celebrate the subversiveness of Mosaics world instead. Of finding the strength to fantasize, the affection of cats and the beauty of music and sound when it’s created because there is nothing else you’d want to do. Let’s all smush our hearts together and refuse the dread. Find something you can do for someone in your community, make someone’s December a little bit, no matter how tiny, better. And then keep on doing it. It’s what we saw in the art of the ever brilliant crew at Krillbite, and it’s what we want to celebrate today – a full year of the beauty that lies within Mosaic. In the words of the great poets – Let’s make Joy an Act of Resistance and keep climbing towers until the whole machine falls apart.