To celebrate the first anniversary of Sable, we wanted to ask the community about their experiences travelling with Sable and Simoon in Midden.

We have received so many lovely stories and screenshots that we decided to show them to you in a two-part series, Memories of Sable. After Sable got its photo update, we were inundated with pictures fans took during their travels. We picked out some of our favourites with comments from Greg (Shedworks), Mariela and Fiona (Raw Fury).

Greg: I like how you really get a sense of movement from Sable, I love the detail and use of shadow

Mariela: This shot perfectly captures the sense of adventure and self-discovery in Sable! Putting the focus on her shadow, not seeing her face, makes me think of her eagerness to find her identity. 

Fiona: Even without seeing what Sable is running to, I get the feeling that it’s with excitement, that she’s spotted something in the distance or is eager to run back to Simoon to relay her new experience at the next town. 

Greg: I enjoy how casual this moment feels, how relaxed it is but also how it is not necessarily something you see or do in the game but instead something you might imagine Sable does in her free time

Mariela: I feel so chill just by looking a this shot. It reminds me of one of those perfect afternoons, when you don’t feel the need to chit-chat all the time, just enjoy the silence with a close friend.

Fiona: This shot really captures those moments in the game that the world feels lived in and you’re living with it.

Greg: I like the use of lighting and drama in this image.

Mariela:  Wow, so epic! If Sable were an anime, this would be a perfect shot for an ending! 🙂

Fiona: Very atmospheric and filled with wonder. I agree with Mariela, this looks like an ending shot to an anime intro. 😀

We had so many entries that it was hard to pick which ones to feature! We’ve posted some below to take a moment to enjoy them.

Thank you again for sharing these with us,

/Shedworks & Raw Fury

The image is focused on Sable running, where we can only see her lower half the the shadow she's casting on the sandy ground.

Photo taken by: [CENSORED]#5159

Sable is sitting on a sofa beside another resident in the shade of a building.

Photo taken by: @shasenisenu

Sable stands on top of a domed building. The sun is shining behind her, illuminating her silhouette.

Photo taken by: @OfficialCABBAC

A shot inside the courtyard of a building. The sun has set and we see shadows cast by the Moon and the stars above.

Photo taken by: Shaseni#9842

Simoon is flying into the air and we can see the bike from beneath. Her exaust engine plumes against a blue starry sky.

Photo taken by: 4ier#7314

During a bright day we see Sable riding her bike across the sands. Simoon's exaust is in her wake.

Photo taken by: 4ier#7314

Sable riding her bike just having passed through the middle of a giant arch.

Photo taken by: @Pound4Pound_No1

During the brilliant brightness of a sunny day, Sable is pracicing standing on stop of Simoon as a stunt.

Photo taken by: @ggergU