Project Description


In GONNER 2, our altruistic and unexpected hero Ikk is back! And this time Death needs his help. Her lair has been taken over by a mysterious presence and she needs Ikk to take it down. Journey your way through deep dark chaotic places with sparks of unimaginable colour and crazy bosses, all while trying to literally keep your head!!

GONNER 2 is a procedurally generated platformer with roguelike elements that will keep you on your toes – now with more added, colour and chaos!

Art in Heart is a studio founded by programmer, game designer, and artist Ditto (Planeter, Hets). The studio’s first project, GoNNER, was released in 2016 and won an IGF award. It was the the first commercial release for Ditto after having released several smaller and well-regarded prototypes on

Joining Ditto on GoNNER is sound designer Martin Kvale, who met Ditto by the purest of luck at a visual arts festival in Karlshamn, Sweden, when he mistakenly thought Ditto was a different friend of his. A few drinks later, it didn’t matter anymore. Joar Renolen, a talented composer and longtime friend of Martin’s, joined the team shortly after.