Hi, I’m Andrew, and welcome to Rawcember 2021! 

You are probably wondering who I am, and what Rawcember is – can’t get anything by you, those are both excellent questions. We’ll get to answering those soon, I promise, but for now I need to tell you about some serious discounts of up to 77% off Raw Fury games like Sable, Townscaper, Kingdom Two Crowns, Call of the Sea, West of Dead, Star Renegades, GONNER2 and tons more that are happening in the Steam Autumn Sale RIGHT NOW.  


Autumn is no longer the cold and wet season you’ve come to tolerate. Thanks to Rawcember and the Steam Autumn Sale, Autumn is cool/hot again! You’re welcome.  

If you’re not convinced by the awesome games and discounts available starting today until December 1st in the Steam Autumn Sale (it’s worth a visit for the Autumn poem alone) – check out these two Raw Fury legends in this cult classic internet hit updated for modern times: the Raw Fury Spring.. *ahem* AUTUMN Sale Totally Professional Infomercial.


So, who am I and what is Rawcember? Well, I’m glad you asked… 

To Be Continued….