Invasive Species

Out now on Steam, GOG and Epic.

Coming Early 2021 to Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

New Content

  • New Boss: Unfriendly Worm
  • New Boss: U.F.B.
  • New Boss: The Spore You Know
  • New Boss: Itsy Bitsy
  • Rare Blood Moon nights with new enemies.
  • New Alien Ant featuring additional permanent upgrades.
  • Topiaries – Unlock achievements to gain topiaries on your farmhouse. Topiaries provide permanent bonuses
  • New Scroll: Blood Spell: Fertilize all crops and all nearby enemies bleed fertilizer.
  • New Scroll: Cataclysm: Cut hundreds of weeds, damage all enemies, expand farmable land and till soil.
  • 10 New Achievements to put your skills to the test.
  • Added Mandarin Chinese voice over to intro cinematic when game language is set to Chinese. 


  • The wall that surrounds your farm on boss nights disables when boss is defeated.
  • While sowing, if a special seed (heart beet, sunflower, rose etc.) is auto-selected, you must now click/press again to continue sowing. This should reduce accidental sowing of precious seeds.
  • Expanded the area in which Pigeon Scrolls can be used.
  • After year 1 slugs shoot at player when there are no planted crops.
  • Time mushroom popup text now displays how much time is added.
  • Art – added visual FX when crops die from burning.
  • Sound – reduced assault rifle’s volume by 50%.


  • Balance – Increased tree fertilizer requirements – small trees require 12, large trees require 32.
  • Balance – Butcher’s Knife – increased fertilizer drop chance and fertilizer drop amount.
  • Balance – Improved Jackrabbit – faster reload and damage scales better with Fight Stat.
  • Balance – Increased Sriracha Soaker fuel capacity.
  • Balance – Reduced Sriracha Soaker max stacks – less effective against bosses.
  • Balance – Reduced Cattling Gun’s damage bonus from Fight Stat.
  • Balance – Slightly reduced Cattling Gun’s rate of fire mod bonus.
  • Balance – Reduced Parsniper Rifle’s damage bonus from Fight Stat.
  • Balance – Reduced Parsniper Rifle’s Headshot mod crit chance and crit damage bonus.
  • Balance – Enemies won’t spawn until after the boss intro.
  • Balance – Increased Megaton Tractor damage radius.
  • Balance – Bundertaker – random bunny holes will periodically spawn.
  • Balance – Bundertaker – added anticipation before shooting.
  • Balance – Bundertaker – wider movement range.
  • Balance – Bundertaker – balanced bunny and bunny hole spawn rates.
  • Balance – Bundertaker – bullets are faster and more spread out. 
  • Balance – Bundertaker – less enemies spawn.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix – added sound to all gun purchases and seed bag purchases.
  • Bug fix – Catling Gun will hopefully not break audio anymore.
  • Bug fix – Beeson level 2 and 3 drop better seeds – they were previously not dropping any seeds.
  • Bug fix – fixed possible Megaton Tractor mismatch between damage and widget.
  • Bug fix – fixed sorting issue with fruits on trees. 
  • Bug fix – fix squirrel gun bullets playing sounds every frame when passing through walls.
  • Bug fix – reduce fertilizer drop from Bramblemancer’s bramble patches when fertilizer mushroom is active.