This week. Oh – this week! What a week! This week two major things will happen. First of all, we are launching Sable on Thursday. It’ll be epic!

And on Friday the first iteration of Art of Fury comes to a close. We’ll be ending it on an online auction, where the proceeds will split between artists and charity.

We are very proud of what we did through Art of Fury and we will be continuing and iterating on the idea in coming years. We are proud of all the artists that participated and created some amazing works of art, tied to our games. We are proud of our developers and our team and that collectively we can highlight the importance of games as an artistic medium.

This week makes me proud and so thankful of everything we have achieved so far, at Raw Fury. And we’re only just beginning.

– Jónas Antonsson, Chief Potato Hoarder, Raw Fury