During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live Pre-show, we teamed up with developer Cathuria Games to reveal a brand-new action adventure game, Dream Cycle. The project marks the first release from Cathuria Games, an independent venture by Tomb Raider creator Toby Gard. The ambitious game seeks to redefine the scale of  “epic adventure.”

On teaming up with Toby Gard on the game, our CEO Jónas Antonsson said “Dream Cycle represented a chance to reshape and reinvent a genre within the games industry, with the person that had done exactly that once before. It holds great promise.”

Dream Cycle is an ever-expanding adventure through a cursed, shattered dimension. Players take the role of Morgan Carter, a modern-day arcane apprentice who’s essence has  been stolen by her great great grand uncle, the legendary Randolph Carter. After discovering that her path to the waking world has been obscured by dark magic, Morgan must venture into the Dreamlands to purge the realm’s corruption, recover her own powers, and thwart Randolph’s sinister plans to become a god.

While Dream Cycle will launch with 10,000 adventures, players will have the opportunity  to collaborate in defining the future of the Dreamlands. During Early Access  the community  will help shape Dream Cycle by providing feedback while they play, and watch the game grow and change with regular updates to spells, perks, story, and more.

Dream Cycle is the foundation of a journey into the endless unknown, an ever growing portal into adventure.” said Dream Cycle creator Toby Gard. “Join our community of explorers and help us build a new type of Action Adventure game, where gods, monsters and magic filter through the psyche of the modern world.

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