Out of the Blue Games, creators of the award-winning Call of the Sea, are taking an unembellished look behind the scenes of a deadly televised utopia.

Raw Fury and Out of the Blue are warming up the CRTs together and putting their second collaboration on the broadcast schedule: American Arcadia. The exciting new game from the Call of the Sea developers combines two gameplay styles, a 2.5D platformer and a first-person puzzler, to reveal an unique story in a thrilling single player experience.

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American Arcadia, the second collaboration between Out of the Blue and Raw Fury, will participate in this year’s TRIBECA Game Festival and will release its full trailer and more information about the game at the upcoming Summer Game Fest. For more information, please visit the official website: www.americanarcadiagame.com

In American Arcadia, players take on the role of two characters, each with their own gameplay, whose fates and lives are intertwined. Arcadia is a 70’s retro-futuristic metropolis where everyone enjoys a life of luxury and comfort. But what the citizens of Arcadia don’t suspect is that they are playing a role in American Arcadia, a television show broadcast live 24/7, that has been on the air for decades. Under the eyes of countless anonymous observers, their carefree lives are tied to the show’s popularity ratings. As a favorite of the audience, one has nothing to fear, but a drop in popularity comes at the highest cost: death.

For an average man with an uninteresting life like Trevor Hills, this could mean serious trouble, but luckily Trevor is being helped by a mysterious voice who will guide him through American Arcadia‘s backstage to his freedom. But is this real, or just another show gimmick to raise audience ratings?

American Arcadia Features:

  • Escape from a 70s televised utopia – The gripping story will be presented as a documentary with interviews and police interrogations of the characters as you progress through the game.
  • Two experiences, one gameAmerican Arcadia gives you control over two characters in completely different environments and unique playstyles:
    A 2.5D action side-scroller including challenging platform action, breath-taking chases, stealth and puzzles. As well as a full 3D first-person game, with hacking, exploration, stealth elements, and puzzles to solve.
  • Impressive voice overs – Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-Man 1 & 2, Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, Call of the Sea), Krizia Bajos (Cyberpunk 2077, League of Legends) and Cissy Jones (Firewatch, Life is Strange, Call of the Sea), among others, breathe life into the characters in American Arcadia.