American Arcadia is released now on Steam, and you’re not going to want to miss a moment of what’s happening! In the retro-futuristic 70s metropolis of Arcadia, all citizens enjoy a life of luxury and comfort and are completely unaware that they’re being broadcast 24/7!  

American Arcadia combines a 2.5D platformer and a first-person puzzler to tell a unique story in a thrilling single player experience. Follow Trevor, an average Arcadian on the run for his life, and Angela, a stage technician with unmatched technical prowess, as they work together to overcome the corporation they’re up against.   

American Arcadia can be purchased on Steam for $19,99 USD / £16.75 GBP / €19,50 EUR. Releasing alongside the base game are also the American Arcadia Art Book and Original Soundtrack. Purchasing all three of these together with the American Arcadia Deluxe Edition Bundle will save you 15%!  

Additionally, the Out of the Blue Bundle has released on Steam today, which includes both Call of the Sea and American Arcadia. Purchasing this bundle will save you 20%!  

Base Game
Deluxe Edition Bundle
Out of the Blue Bundle