Exactly 2 years ago, Per Aspera was launched and we are fulfilling a dream we have been working on for years. This started with a few adventurous people (including AMI, of course) to then become a whole colony trying to make Mars a habitable planet… and you are part of it too!

We’ve been through rough roads together and we know we can overcome any difficulty that comes our way. The team here at Tlön Industries want to thank you for all the love and support.

And now… we have another mission for you.

To thank you and celebrate, we want to announce our next FREE DLC: HOME.

Here are the main features:

— New Terraforming Quest
After transforming Mars into a habitable zone, grow your population and expand the flora coverage on Mars.

— New Technologies
Unlock new technologies, including a new giant Metropolis city type to expand your population as you desire.

— Desertification
Raising the temperature of Mars too high will eventually cause plants to die off. Investigate how you can prevent this and increase flora coverage in temperate areas.

— Continuing Technologies
The technology tree no longer has an end. Now you can repeat the research of a technology to make your operations more efficient indefinitely.

Also, this new DLC includes:
— New Special Projects
— New Buildings
— Four New Achievements
— and more!

Thank you for joining this amazing adventure for the past two years, we hope you will continue exploring the universe with us!

Ad astra.