Blue Mars is Now Available for Per Aspera!

Raise anchor – Blue Mars is now available for Per Aspera!  Grab the newest DLC for your favorite space sim today on Steam:

Here’s what is in store for those that set sail:

Unlock myriad new features in the latest DLC for Per Aspera, all based around the next stage of terraforming — copious amounts of water!*

*Luxury ocean-liners not included

The addition of large bodies of water allows you to expand the play area to better suit your terraforming needs! Need more resources? No problem. News ways of shipping your resources around to where they’re needed? We got you.

Once inaccessible, water-based research sites and mines are now yours to excavate. Dive in for a wealth of dormant resources to aid in your resurfacing efforts!

Cut down on shipping times with ocean-based routes to have your supplies delivered as fast as the tides! Newly introduced port systems will allow you to optimize your barge fleet to aid and optimize your resource production and technological breakthroughs.