Per Aspera’s Latest and Greatest DLC is Available Now!

It’s harvest time on Mars!

Our biggest and richest update has come to the Red Planet! With the free Green Mars DLC, a new set of features will assist players in changing the surface of Mars forever.


New features will truly empower players to make Mars a garden planet. Using the tools at your disposal, transform the atmosphere to allow Mars’ mineral-rich soil to become fertile ground. Design and landscape Mars the way you want it! Trees on Elysium Mons? You got it!

The Water Must Flow! We’ve updated our water simulation to render how rivers displace into valleys and craters. The most precious element on Mars now will now be able to reach the deeper confines of the desert, transforming it into lush forests. New Water Pipes allow you to direct your H2O — where mother nature can’t, science will.

BIOMES – There are now 11 possible biomes for Mars. Each individual biome has specific conditions that dictate the growth of the flora & fauna on Mars. Part of the challenge of terraformation will be to properly place biodomes, farms to direct plant growth.

We’ve added two new food processing buildings that will grow more nutritious food to keep the scientists on Mars happier and working harder. These buildings use running water as a resource.

Capybaras on Mars! Do we have to say more?

In order to make sense of your water systems, we’ve added a lens view that will indicate where water is generated, and where it’s needed.