We wanted to hear from a developers point of view how this challenging year 2020 has been for them.  Here is what the team at Tlön Industries had to say:

How was it to release a game in a year of upheaval as a result of Covid-19?

Building a game is like building a car while driving it, in this case it was building a car while driving it while a crazy monkey is attacking you from the back seat.
We had to quickly change our workflow and adapt to the circumstances. Our productivity took a toll for a while, but we managed to find new ways to work and communicate. We ended up with a nice workflow that got the game out of the door for release. I call that a success. What does this mean for the team and for the game development community in Argentina?

We hope that by making a good game, and profitable too, we can shine a light into the great talent that exists in our country and to encourage other teams to build on top of what we’ve done. Success would also attract other publishers and investors to look further into Latin America in general.

What key takeaways have you learned working with a publisher?

There’s no way it works, unless you trust each other. In this case, trust was established early on and never broken. In particular, we noticed that every time we needed support or assistance with a task, being making a trailer, testing, casting voices or anything else, Raw Fury was there to lend a hand and make sure everything worked out.

What are your hopes for Per Aspera in 2021?

Games are never finished, only released. So, we hope that for 2021 we can improve in every aspect so we provide the best version of the game, the one we imagined, but also the one the players helped us built.

What are your hopes as a studio in 2021?

We hope to improve our workflows, having the stability of a successful release and not the pressure of a release date set in stone will gives the space to improve in all areas of our small family. We also might start toying with the idea of a new game or IP.

The planet-sized city-builder from Raw Fury and Tlön Industries, is available today on Steam and GOG.com .A challenging combination of hard science fiction and base building, Per Aspera takes players to the hostile surface of Mars and tasks them to colonize the planet on a scale never before seen in the genre.