Back in December, we gave you a sample of tasty Atomicrops info and juicy GIFs but today we blow the lid off this produce stand and finally reveal the first trailer! We are proud to call Atomicrops the first FPS (Farm Protection Simulator) game we’ve worked with and now you can see why.

Farm. Marry. Kill.

Atomicrops is the chaotic marriage of bullet hell rogue-lite and farming simulator. You’ve inherited your dead uncle’s farm at the precise moment a nuclear apocalypse lays waste to humanity and now you must use it to grow copious amounts of GMO fruits and vegetables to survive! Plant your crops carefully and make sure to keep them fertilized and watered. Explore the surrounding areas to find items, seeds, and farm animals to help your fields grow. Exterminate mutated vermin and pests each night who are trying devour your valuable Atomicrops!

Coming to PC and console later this year.

Atomicrops is being fertilized by
Danny Wynne
Toby Dixon
Joonas Turner

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Twitter: @atomicrops