Wolfstride Revealed Today During Guerrilla Collective

Frag-a-jam! Today on the Guerrilla Collective stage, we revealed Wolfstride, a fully caffeinated turn-based mech combat RPG set in a stunning hyper stylized black and white aesthetic crafted by Ota Imon, a develoment studio based in São Paulo.

Join ex-Yakuza Dominique Shade and his compatriots in their quest to dominate the Ultimate Mech Tournament, an electrifying event that brings out the craziest pilots and coolest Mechs this side of Rain City. Battle opponents in classic turn-based combat, repair and upgrade your Mech with odd jobs from mysterious locals, and fight your way to the top.

Inspired by the whisky-infused side of anime, and boasting an unmistakable art style produced by a pair of brothers who are color-blind, Wolfstride will land in the arena in 2021.

For more information, visit wolfstridegame.com

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