Raw Fury sales team here with an important message from the heart. Please make sure you have your helmet, bow and wallet with you before you continue reading.

You might call yourself a monarch, Viking, speed-runner, detective… human… Whatever you like to call yourself. You do you, we’re not here to judge – in fact, we love you! But we love it BEST when you buy our games at full price.

Hold up! You might find yourself asking: “Then why do they have sales at Raw Fury?”

Well, there are several reasons as to why we discount our games:

  • Contrary to popular belief, the developers are not actually robots, they are humans as we are (and sometimes monarchs, Vikings, speed-runners, detectives…) They work hard to make games we love, and every sale goes toward their ability to make a better living. Sometimes an extra boost in revenues will help them continue working on and maintaining their awesome games or go toward funding their next projects. Or maybe just take a holiday at times. Or buy a new yacht (…lol if only). 😊
  • A sale also allows those of you who can’t always afford to pay full price a chance to enjoy our games. We think all of our games are amazing and hope everyone gets the chance to try them.
  • TBH, sometimes we have a sale just to have fun! Some of our favorite times of the year are when we get to spend time together, coming up with crazy ideas. From composing songs to the weird online videos… it lets us do something different each time and build great memories! You don’t know? Have you seen the “66% off” campaign?

Or “Everything must go!”?

We need these kinds of moments in our lives.

So yes, we have a sale! But we do appreciate if you buy the game full price. Besides the fact that it offers greater support to the developer, it also shows us that you value the game as much as we do and you feel the game is worth its price.

If you prefer buying it on a discount, we totally understand, and we still truly appreciate your support.

If you simply can’t buy it or don’t want to, but still appreciate what we are doing, give us and our developers a shout or a word of encouragement. Find them on social media from their game pages. We all need kind words of encouragement from time to time and it means the world to us!

But in the end, enjoy the games! That’s what matters the most.

Sending love,

Raw Fury team!