round this time last year, we did a little thing called Rawcember where we announced our partnerships with some awesome developers on some amazing new games. This year, we’re going do more: it’s time to let you into the tent to get a good look at what’s coming in 2019. 



hispers of a Machine is the forthcoming game from developers Joel Staaf Hästö (Clifftop Games) and Petter Ljungqvist (Faravid Interactive). It’s what we’ve come to lovingly refer to as a “Sci-Fi Nordic Noir,” telling the story of Vera, a cybernetically augmented special agent tasked with investigating a string of murders in a small Nordic town in a not-too-distant future. 

Due to the wounds of our past, AI is outlawed and now nearly non-existent. However, as the threads of Vera’s case begin to unravel, she is pulled into an invisible war between two opposing forces — those who are intent on destroying AI, no matter the cost, and those who seek to awaken it again, regarding it a lost deity in a godless world. 

Drama? Check. Mystery? Check. Super awesome badass cyber-enhanced cop with a sweet jacket? Damn straight.



o help in her mission, Vera has been equipped with an advanced nano-substance called Blue. This rare and sought-after technology allows her to develop superhuman abilities adapted to her psychological mindset. 

Throughout the game, you will be encounter situations that can be dealt with in three different ways: Analytically, Empathetically, or Assertively. Not only will these choices dictate how NPCs will respond to you, but also how your augmentations develop. 

One set of choices may enable you to electrically power devices; another may allow you to mind control subjects to get what you need. Just know that no two powers will solve the same puzzle in the same way. 


hispers of a Machine portrays a future in which humanity has already seen the rise and fall of Artificial Intelligence. Ever since a global catastrophic event known as the Collapse, the use of AI by the general populace has been largely forbidden.  

While many have returned to simpler lives without technological dependencies, there are those that fight to see it return to power again — at any cost. Vera’s case brings her to the heart of this conflict, crossing paths with citizens on each side of the issue. In this gripping story with existential twists and multiple endings, what Vera uncovers will have monumental consequences for humanity. 

Will we be able find a way to peacefully coexist with AI, or will one of us inevitably destroy the other? 


e at Raw Fury are huge fans of the point-and-click genre – you might remember we published a gem called Kathy Rain a couple years back, which was ALSO developed by Clifftop Games! That gave us every bit of confidence in knowing that, between the passion, knowledge, and experience of both Joel and Petter, there’s no way the game could be anything less than fantastic. 

But that’s not all — we’re also working with talented industry veterans Dave Gilbert and Shelly Shenoy with casting and voice direction, so expect updates in the near future on the A+ quality they will bring to the table.  


lifftop’s first game, and an instant classic. Go get it here while supplies last. (Update: It’s over) And then join our Discord to chat with the developers and get hyped for their next game when Whispers of a Machine comes out Spring 2019. 


Whispers of a Machine is developed by
Clifftop Games 
Faravid Interactive 

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