West of Dead Open Beta Live on X1 & Steam—Get ready to raise hell

Calling all Outlaws! Unholster your guns & enter Purgatory, it’s time to dodge and shoot!

The WEST OF DEAD OPEN BETA is back for another round. This time we are showcasing the first two levels. If this is your first trip to Purgatory, great, this will all be new to you! If not, this is why you should revisit → We took your feedback and have used it to make the levels a bit more shiny, you can read through the full list of changes here.

Take this opportunity to enter the underworld, gunslinger! Are you ready to raise hell?


The West of Dead Open Beta will run until the 7th of May.

Steam-players are recommended to play with a gamepad for this Beta-session.


WIshlist WOD

(Link to Trailer)

West of Dead stars Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as the voice of main protagonist William Mason, a dead man awakened, setting into motion a chain of events with truly mythic consequences.

The battle for your soul in West of Dead will take place on Xbox One and be available on Xbox Game Pass upon release, as well as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2020. For more info, visit: westofdead.com

Dont forget to take a break in your playsessions every once in a while! Maybe listen to the West of Dead‘s trailer track Run” by Cat & The Stoic on Spotify?

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