We’re not growing up – just growing!

Yesterday was a great day, for many reasons. Chief among them was the fact that is was the first day for David Martinez as a Fury. It’s very safe to say that the Raw Fury machine will run both faster and better now that he’s here to help us tune and tweak it.

David comes from Paradox Interactive, where he headed all global PR efforts. At Raw Fury, he’ll continue his work of helping his fellow humans to communicate and talk to other people about the very thing we love most of all – games.

But why not go straight to the source and see what David has to say about joining? His words:

Being an independent developer is tough, it takes both time and money, sweat and tears, to foster an idea from conception to realization. We want to help spur creativity and take the bulk of development costs, marketing, and sales support away from the developers we partner with so that they don’t have to worry about those aspects of the industry and can instead focus all of their efforts and passion toward doing what they love—making games.

Welcome aboard, David. We love you (and the Evil AI is happy, too).