We’re looking for testers to check out the GoNNER alpha!


Come do super secret stuff with us! 

GoNNER is Coming Soon™ and people that aren’t our own mothers tell us that it’s a pretty cool game. You know what we need though? We need it to be cooler than cool. What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. Ah yeah, baby, we totally ripped off an Outkast lyric. Ditto thinks that joke is very dad-ish, but we ask all of you if this looks dad-ish:

polaroid picture

We are specifically searching for roguelike and platformer lovers to help us test out GoNNER in its current Alpha state, you up to the task?

What we’re looking for in testers:

  • People who will actually submit feedback! This is the most crucial part, so if you have previous testing experience then let’s talk, cappiche?
    • People who like giant landbound whales named Sally.
    • People who primarily use Windows (for now).
    • People who specifically like roguelikes (Spelunky, Downwell, The Binding of Isaac, etc).
    • People who are okay with signing an NDA and not talking about the game outside of the testing group. Sorry, we don’t mean to sound all mean here, but we’re not comfortable with videos, screenshots, and other content from the alpha being out in the wild just yet.

If the above sounds like you then please fill out this form! http://goo.gl/forms/HsegRVV82DhJ2z6I2

We promise that the info obtained will only be used to help us select participants, we won’t sign you up for dating sites, phony credit cards, or do any activity other than contacting potential testers. We’re keen on privacy!

Alpha testing begins early next week, let us know if you’re interested in helping out!