We’re GoNNER tell you about all the stuff added to GoNNER since launch (it’s even more awesome now)

GoNNER is now available on the NVIDIA SHIELD!

We launched GoNNER back in October and almost every single week since then Ditto, the madman behind the game, has added something amazing to it. It’s really a testament to Ditto and how much he cares about the community that has spawned around GoNNER, and the community has responded by granting GoNNER a 95% overall rating on Steam and a 100% positive rating over the last 30 days.

Playing GoNNER nowadays vs. its initial launch build you can tell how much love has been poured into the game. Just how much love, you ask? New weapons, gear, brand new features, daily challenges, and a bunch more.

Instead of asking you to comb through all the update posts though we’ve boiled it down for you:

DAILY CHALLENGES. If you haven’t played GoNNER since launch then this is one of the biggest reasons to fire it up! Daily challenges can only be attempted for an official score once, and they don’t take place in normal levels. Challenges change every single day (as the name implies) and have been constantly tweaked and added to since its implementation back in October.

LEADERBOARDS. What fun is all this daily challenge stuff if you can’t throw it in a friend’s face? Leaderboards also track the highest score for your best regular run, not just daily challenge.

2 new heads (pyramid and heavy) were introduced, bringing the total headcount to 9.

1 new weapon (the scythe) added, which also brought melee combat to the game for the first time, bringing the total weapon count 6.

1 new backpack (timestopper) added, bringing the total backpack count to 7.

3 ghosts introduced, these friendly spirits are a brand new feature added post-launch and help you manage your gear in a variety of ways.

Lots of graphical enhancements such as bloom effects, contrast, and anti-aliasing. GoNNER looks and feels buttery smooth.

Performance upgrades up the whale wazoo to raise FPS, address small glitches, and more.

Loads of buffing, nerfing, tweaking, and other development terms that sound like things you do after taking drugs in the 90’s.

We think you get the idea.

GoNNER has also just launched for the NVIDIA SHIELD! It’s the same game you’ve come to love but for a new platform, so if you find yourself the recipient of a SHIELD at Christmas and are looking for something to put on it then BOOM. It’s like we colluded with Santa Claus or something to make you happy. Damn we’re good.

Buy GoNNER on the NVIDIA SHIELD here: http://nvda.ws/2ih4D6f

If you’re looking for a game to play while trying to avoid your Aunt Marge (she makes a good apple pie but those ugly pink sweaters have to go!) during the holidays, put GoNNER back into your rotation (or on to your NVIDIA SHIELD) and avoid all family and responsibility.