Calling all cosplayers! Raw Fury is looking for an awesome & talented cosplayer who would be willing to let us GIVE YOU SOME COLD HARD CASHOLA to dress up as Vera, the badass cybernetically-augmented special agent from the upcoming game Whispers of a Machine.

You see, we think Vera not only IS a badass, but she looks like one too. So, what better way to show how much we love it then by bringing the design to life? For ONE of you fans out there who love dressing up and think you’ve got an eye for detail: let’s do just that. ?  

We’ll buy the supplies for the outfit, you make it and wear it, and we all do digital high-fives and happy dances. We’ll also compensate you for your time and hard work, and even better if you can put together a how-to video/guide to inspire others! 

Sound like something you’d be into? Cool, just shoot us an email to with the following info:

  • Your name 
  • Links to where we can find you on social media 
  • Examples of your work 

Whispers of a Machine is an upcoming point & click adventure by Clifftop Games & Faravid Interactive, coming soon to PC and mobile.