We need you to join Raw Fury as our Community Manager!

UPDATE: We’ve hired someone so the position is no longer open! We’ll be introducing that special someone in the very near future!

Yes, it’s a paid position. No, you don’t have to stick with “Community Manager” as your title. We hate titles, actually. You can be The Queen of England for all we care.job adNow this is something! We’re looking for someone to join our team. Simply put, we’ve identified certain areas where we want to improve on and build further synergies to… yuck – that sounded like biz-speak.

Look. We’re searching for someone who knows how to communicate. Someone who can talk to people, both in person and through the magic of that thing we call The Internet. The simple truth is that we’d like to be more proactive in responding to players and fans through email, on forums, Twitter, Facebook, and even on here. We’re okay at these things but we know we could be much better.

So we’re looking for a voice. Our voice. Not just a community manager or a social media manager but someone who wants to be the voice of Raw Fury. To set the tone – to fucking curse appropriately and in just the right fucking amounts. Did we overdo the cursing just now? Did we not do it enough? WE NEED YOUR GUIDANCE!

Here are the details:

  • You are the person who engages with the outside world on a daily and regular basis and makes sure that all things Raw and Furious are represented properly. You build that delicate bridge between our collective mind and the minds of other people. The rest of us Furies are never far behind but you will lead the way and we will back you up.
  • You live games. Yes – live. Not love. Not like. You literally live them. They run through your veins.
  • You are experienced. You are autonomous. You are Megatron. You have been growing, nurturing, and talking to communities in some way, shape, or form for a long time. Not only can you manage your own time and set your own goals, you just do shit that needs to get done. And tell us to do shit that needs to get done. Everyone at Raw Fury, so far, is an expert in their own field and the others look to them for advice. We’re looking for the same type of person to join us.
  • You are a modern-day Shakespeare. A wielder of such skill with the English tongue that the entire world should be in awe of your prose, grammar, and diaphragm control. Using that dangerous knowledge, you are creative as hell and can think of witty things to say on the fly.
  • You know how to stream and may even do it on your own already, you embrace YouTube and watch a little bit each day, you have karma on Reddit, gifs are a second language for you, and you’re into discovering new forms of social media and ways to communicate. Art skills are a plus but not mandatory.

What else…

Location isn’t a huge deal for us but it would be great if you lived in either San Francisco or Stockholm (as the rest of us are in either of those locations). If you’re the right person though then it doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you are comfortable with working primarily during Pacific Time work hours.

We’re a quirky company with a bunch of interesting perks. We currently don’t have an office, nor a proper corporate structure… or anything of that sort, really. We only care about outcome and don’t care at all about “ass-in-seat” metrics, nor do we measure them.

We offer competitive compensation in a kick-ass environment within a company that’s privately funded, that does whatever it wants, and defines itself not as a “for-profit” but as a “for-happiness” organization.

We are looking for a partner in all of this, someone that changes our shape from a triangle to a (hip to be) square. Someone who expands Raw Fury and helps us make it even better. We want to be happy and we want to make other people happy. And we want to keep at it for a long time. Simple as that. We’re not certain what the Evil AI wants yet… but we’re sure it’ll be fine.


Send us your resume and cover letter (we’re still “professionals” to some degree), but most importantly send us something that shows off your personality. When you’ve got all of that sorted, shoot it over to michael.bolton@rawfury.com

Help us! You’re our only hope!

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