Want to join Raw Fury? We’re looking for someone to take care of our money!


[Update: We filled the role! The new hire is great. She bought us seven of these money guns from the animated gif and we’ve been having money fights every day.

Thanks for your interest in the position!]

Okay! Hey! Hi! Listen.

We need help. We’re searching for someone. Because as it turns out, there is this thing called “money” and it needs constant care. Frankly, it is very needy and it always wants to be the center of attention. Up until now we’ve done a pretty good job caring for it (we’ve had excellent outside help) but in all honesty, we have now reached a point where we just need someone to step in and give it the attention it deserves and needs.

Here are the details:

  • You are at level 30 (lots of XP and you are also really good at what you do).
  • You are someone who knows accounting and can handle all the day-to-day activities that come with that. You are responsible for keeping the books in good order. And even though you are always ready to crack a smile, tell a joke or show off your world class juggling skills, when it comes to money you’re like Agent 47. Dead Serious.
  • You handle cash flow, reporting, and payments to partners, authorities and everyone else. You also manage salaries. And karaoke. Someone has to.
  • You know the games industry and you understand how it works. All those things like price points, SKUs, platform fees, revenue sharing, yadda yadda yadda… so you can help create and work with forecasts and projections.
  • You are strategic and can help optimize cash flows and funds in a way that works best for us and all the people we work with. And you can explain all things money to the rest of us mortals in a way that we (might) understand. And understanding corporate financing is a plus.
  • You are thorough and detail oriented and made of steel. Two of those three.
  • You play games. Like… really play games. Because you love them.
  • You live in (or can move to) Stockholm, Sweden and you can start in Q1 2017.


What else…

We’re a quirky company with a bunch of interesting benefits. We have a hangout in Gamla Stan (Stockholm) but we also work a lot from home. We don’t subscribe to the “proper hierarchical corporate structure” … or anything of that sort, really. We only care about output and don’t care at all about “ass-in-seat” metrics, nor do we measure them.

We offer competitive compensation in a kick-ass environment within a company that’s privately funded, that does whatever it wants, and defines itself not as a “for-profit” but as a “for-happiness” organization. As this post implies, we obviously care about the money aspect, but happiness comes first.

We are looking for someone who expands Raw Fury and helps us make a great thing even better. We want to be happy and we want to make other people happy. And we want to keep at it for a long time. Simple as that.


Send us your resume and cover letter (we’re still “professionals” to some degree), but most importantly send us something that shows off your personality. When you’ve got all of that sorted, shoot it over to Michael.bolton@rawfury.com