Uurnog Uurnlimited and Tormentor X Punisher Nominated for Independent Games Festival 2018 Awards!

For the third year in a row, a Raw Fury published game has been nominated for an Independent Games Festival award! This is becoming a thing!

And this year is extra special as we are honored to have not one but TWO games nominated. We’re floored by the talented developers we get to work with each year, and this validation of their amazing work from IGF and industry peers as a whole gives us butterflies in our collective stomachs.

Uurnog Uurnlimited

Nominated for Excellence in Audio & Excellence in Design

Developed by Nifflas

Congratulations to Nicklas Nygren for his two nominations for Uurnog Uurnlimited! If you’ve played Uurnog Uurnlimited then you know that it’s a strong contender for both the Excellence in Design and Excellence in Audio categories.

Ondskan, the audio program designed by Nifflas that adapts music and sound to a player’s individual actions in-game, took almost half the total development time of Uurnog Uurnlimited alone. Using the dark magic in Ondskan and combining it with neural networking, Nifflas has created a game that sounds different each time you play it, and also sounds different from what someone else will experience in their own playthrough.

The level design in Uurnog Uurnlimited is superb. You can pick up almost every movable item in the game and each item grants its own special ability to the player, so there are a variety of different ways to solve each puzzle encountered throughout the colorful world of Uurnog Uurnlimited. And often times, very unexpected consequences happen by… uhhh… “experimenting” with all of these items.

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Tormentor X Punisher

Nominated for Excellence in Audio

Developed by Joonas TurnerBeau Blyth & Tuuka Stefanson

Have you listened to Tormentor X Punisher’s teeth-clenching metal AF soundtrack yet? Have you heard the juicy explosion a demon makes when blown to pieces with a shotgun? Are you aware of the many different ways main protagonist Terminator Something uses the F word? If you’ve experienced TXP then you know exactly why it has just earned itself an IGF nomination for Excellence in Audio!

Sound designer Joonas Turner, responsible for audio design in well-known games such as Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Broforce, and a bunch of other great titles, decided to venture out and create his own game alongside veteran programmer Beau Blyth and artist Tuuka Stefanson. What we got was Tormentor X Punisher, a chaotic game that takes everything you know about shooters and flips it on its head. It’s possibly the fastest-paced game you’ve ever played, and its killer soundtrack encompasses that perfectly. Big congratulations to Joonas, Beau, and Tuuka for their well-deserved IGF nod!

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