Tormentor X Punisher’s Gameplay is Brutal AF

New Trailer Welcomes You to Planet Fuck You

All the prophecies have come true, one by one. Soon the portal to a demonic planet will open up and consume the world … In Tormentor X Punisher! What, you don’t know about that prophecy? Pay attention, bruh, we’re talking about a planet full of demons here.

The next game published by Raw Fury is almost ready to shatter your screens and speakers, it’ll be releasing in the next couple of months. In the meantime, let’s get you reacquainted with what TXP has to offer with the first trailer produced by our new Chief Visualist.

A neverending horde of demons, a teeth-clenching kickass soundtrack, and leaderboards to keep you coming back for more. Plus we’re announcing local co-op for the first time ever! You and your bestie can bond together as you bond bullets into demon flesh. Yay! Put it on your wishlist and get ready to DIE DIE DIE.

This is Tormentor X Punisher. 
Developed by @KissaKolme @Teknopants @TuukaStefanson @jonvermilyea @Chisaleya
Got it? Good. Welcome to planet Fuck You.