Tormentor X Punisher will rip your face off and eat it


There are demons lounging around, you know what to do.

Joonas Turner (game/sound designer) previously on Nuclear Throne and Downwell
Beau Blyth (programmer) previously on Hyper Light Drifter and Samurai Gunn
Tuuka Stefanson (artist) in his debut game

This is going to be ridiculous.

Tormentor X Punisher is an over-the-top twin-stick arena shooter. It is violence distilled into a tight experience with a lot of depth. It’s metal as hell. LOOK AT THE TRAILER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.


Tormentor X Punisher comes from the brilliantly deranged mind of Joonas Turner, a guy all too familiar with games involving shooting things including Nuclear Throne, Downwell, and Broforce. He has lent his talent for sound design to these pillars of the indie community and has had articles written about him because of the amazing work he’s done. Now he’s taking the next step and not just designing sound but an entire game, and with just the small prototype of TxP he showed us we had to make sure he got that chance to explore game design from start to finish.

Demons. Bosses. Bullets. Combos. Mayhem. One hit point. Start over.

So here we are now, helping Tormentor X Punisher become a game that you can play early next year. We’re going to debut it at PAX West on the show floor as a part of the Indie MEGABOOTH, and we’ll show you a live demo on the Twitch stage on Sunday, September 4th, so make sure to check us out if you’re in Seattle or watching PAX streams.

Let’s fucking do this.