Tormentor X Punisher Will Massacre Your Soul June 2nd

Have you ever seen a demon-created music video? No? Time to remedy that.

Tormentor X Punisher is ready to sear some eyeballs and scream profanities left and right, itching to make gamepads and heads rumble on June 2nd!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this music video (with gameplay!) that a bunch of demons from the game filmed. Seriously, it’s disgusting. They even defecate in a skull for crying out loud (demons don’t use toilets—just a skull—so it’s really just business as usual).

Welcome to Tormentor X Punisher, home to Planet Fuck You (it’s a real planet), where everything is a one hit kill including the bosses and yourself. Rack up combos to score weapon upgrades, reload your machine gun by firing your shotgun, and take on killer bosses that randomly change the arena during each run. You’re gonna die a lot, but who cares so long as you can be at the top of the leaderboards and brag to your friends about it. Or team up with them in local co-op while telling them what big losers they are.

This is Tormentor X Punisher.
Birthed by: @KissaKolme @Teknopants @TuukaStefanson @jonvermilyea @Chisaleya

Coming to Steam (wishlist it!), Humble, and other stores on June 2nd for Windows and OSX.

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