Tormentor X Punisher Brings Hell to Your PC Today!

Welcome to Planet Fuck You.
Population: You and a Ton of Ugly Ass Demons

Tormentor X Punisher, the demonic brainchild of demented developer Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Broforce, Badland), has finally arrived on PC. Now, every single Windows and Mac computer has a direct portal open to Planet Fuck You (it’s a real planet, trust us) and we’re all doomed to wallow in pain and punishment for eternity. Or as we like to say, just another Friday.

How ridiculous is the story behind Terminator Something (yeah that’s her name) and her quest to destroy every single demon in the universe using only her trusty hybrid machinegun shotgun? Glad you asked. We’ll let the animated launch trailer do the talking:

Every single frame of that trailer is canon, we smell an Oscar coming our way.

In Tormentor X Punisher, everything can be killed with just one hit. Even the bosses. And yourself. As you play through each game you’ll earn powerups that will make killing demons more efficient. These powerups have great names like “Hot Stuff” and “Fuck You” and other terms just bursting with friendliness. Plus the stage randomly evolves every time you play so you’re always reacting to the carnage. All of this is in the name of leaderboards and bragging to strangers on the internet about how much better you are than them at video games. There is local co-op in the game, too! Grab a controller and a friend to wreck demon ass.

Tormentor X Punisher is available for a limited time launch discount price of $6.66 USD (except on Steam because we can’t put a specific price like that in so we settled on 15% off) for Windows and Mac. You can find it on Steam, Humble, Green Man Gaming, and more! Head to to see a full list of stores.

This is Tormentor X Punisher.
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Available on Steam, Humble, and other stores TODAY for Windows and OSX.

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