Today We Are Five

cheshire cat

“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

This is a pretty epic day for us, as we get to announce that we’ve grown from four to five.

Joining us is Karl Magnus Troedsson, or “KM” for short, an industry veteran from EA, former Executive Producer on Battlefield, GM and CEO of DICE in Sweden, VP of Group Strategy for EA, and overall achiever of many fancy titles. But as of today he is all about Raw Fury.

We’re going to flat out say this right now — KM is not joining to make us corporate. He is coming to Raw Fury to follow his passion for indie games, to help the developers while working with a small group of ambitious friends (yes, that’s us).

How Did This Happen?

Simple — KM is a kindred spirit. Some of us have known him for a while, he has been both a colleague in our former work lives and a friend beyond that.

And like others here at RF he’s passionate about the art of games. As an example, KM supported independent developers by sponsoring the Stugan initiative – a Swedish incubator for indie devs (which is where we met Ditto — the creator of GoNNER — last year).

In our conversation leading up to this point it became clear that KM digs what Raw Fury stands for, how it does things, and why. Like us, he feels there is an opportunity to do things differently and challenge some dogma in this industry. And Raw Fury is the best place to do this.

What Does This Mean?

A lot. KM comes in as a co-owner, partner, and an equal. Like everyone at Raw Fury he’ll dive in where it’s needed — from building booths to helping out with production. From interviews to reading through contracts (yes, we use contracts from time to time). He will apply himself where it best suits the developers we partner with.

As of yet he has no title (as in he hasn’t picked one out) but that’s a-okay because over here titles don’t matter. We’re all in this together and all on the same mission. Raw Fury is on course and KM will further strengthen our ability to get to the places we want to go.

Back To The Beginning

When KM started in this industry he was a part of creating small games. He journeyed into the land of AAA and now returns, with a wealth of experience, to support those who are about to start their very own journey.

We feel lucky and privileged to have him on board. Plus, we guess we’re finally an actual Swedish company since he’s the first official Swede in our ranks?


Welcome, KM. Let’s do this!

P.S. Check out KM’s own words in his interview with VentureBeat.