This is the most ridiculous thing I have done in my life – especially since both Raw Fury and almost everyone who is a Fury, are pretty well known in the games industry. But the organizers of E3 are archaic and draconian and want people listed on the corporate website. So here goes:

Jónas Antonsson – CEO
Gordon Van Dyke – Co-founder
David Martinez – Co-founder
Daniel Jonsson – Counter Errorism Officer
Roland Smedberg – Chief Visualist
Liam O’Neill – Producer & Protector of the Realm
Luke Icenhower – Chief Tarrasque Wrangler
Mia Sun – Heart of Fury
Andreea Chifu – High Priestess
Kjartan Freyr Jónsson – Master of Coin
Naseer Alkhouri – Smooth Operator
Gerinda Meijerink – Chaos Mage
Kristi Anderson – Director of Community
Rachel Tiu – Media Mastermind
Rasmus Liljenberg – Quality Quality Quality
Johan Toresson – Chief Say That Again Officer
Martin Lindell – CMO (who loves E3, been there 16 times since 2000)
Robert Bäckström – Producer Who Travels A Lot
Solveig Samuelsdottir – Financial Officer of Wallet Protection
Jeanette Bauer – Chief Event Artist
Timothy Busby – Quality Producer
Boel Bermann – Arcane PR Wizard
Cristian Caileanu – Alchemist
Martin Park – Boring Producer
Mea Nilimaa – Director of a Lot
François-Xavier Labescat –   OCD Producer OCD Producer
Andrija Zorić – The Seeker
Vladimir Kovač – A Class Act
Tomislav Gojević – Head of Studio
Loke Wallmo – Game Master
Dave Pennelle – Operational Excellence
Domagoj Šalković – Court Jester
Mirko Sršen – Code Psycho
Angelica Norgren – Experience Producer
Erika Karlberg – Heart of Raw Fury
Susie McBeth – Brand Manager
Ivan Gabriel Juricic – Professional Pro
Gina Tavarozzo – Manager of Community
Vic Bassey – The Herald
Beckie Frary – Queen of Quality
Dimitrije Dokic – QA Gentleman
Sven Farszky – Chief Trouble Manager
Garnett Lee – Brand Alchemist and Marketing Vanguard
Shoaib Mahoney – Product Implementation Liason
Shiloh Michael – Investor Intranet Synergist
Rebeca Edge – Central Group Analyst
Sneha Houston – Product Security Associate
Malaika Gordon – Senior Accountability Assistant
Miruna East – Investor Identity Technician
Carlos Mccormack – Dynamic Creative Architect
Efan Bright – Interactive Group Technician
Neve Bannister – Senior Configuration Supervisor
Jarvis Doyle – Dynamic Marketing Agent
Annika Weir – Investor Web Executive
Eryn Daugherty – Adult Basic Education Manager
Emerson Mullins – Ward Maid
Zaydan Hope – Airplane Flight Attendant
Melvin Power – Optometric Technologist
Emme Robins – Mill Recorder
Bjorn Pratt – Electronic Publishing Specialist
Sade Hobbs – Laundry Operator
Parker Gibbs – Anesthesiologist
Augustus Delaney – Bridge Crane Operator
Anderson Webster – Electrogalvanizing Machine Operator
Elowen Rojas – Isotope Technologist
Laiba Parks – Knitter Operator
Mahir Leon – Production Scheduler
Rebekah Moses – Employee Development Manager
Indiana Villegas – Reinsurance Claims Analyst
Raul Owens – Cotton Grader
Nazifa Corrigan – Basic Combatant Swimmer
Savanna Marquez – Meat Smoker
Trent Turner – Film Maker
Jedd Haworth – Applications Analyst
Roland Gilbert – Gastroenterology Nurse Practitioner
Caitlyn Markham – Flight Simulator Teacher
Sanaa Byrd – Web Designer
Fox Acevedo – Oyster Sorter
Ariel Sweet – Computer Systems Software Architect
Julia Howarth – General Contractor
Kuba Andrade – Activities Aide
Kealan Bowden – Hydraulic Press-In Operator
Roy Dunlap – Certified Financial Planner
Catriona Hardy – SED Elementary School Teacher
Braxton Carney – Iuss Master Analyst
Marian Mcmanus – Customer Support Representative
Darcey Gibbons – Expeditionary Warfare Intelligence Specialist
Daniyal Squires – Hard Tile Setter
Jay-Jay Dickinson – Abstract Writer
Jamelia Ball – Hardwood Floor Installation Helper
Aj Lindsay – Psychological Operations Specialist


PS. This is one of many reasons why you’re becoming irrelevant.