The Raw Fury Machine

We’ve slowly begun our march towards world domination. Or cake. We get confused. Regardless, Raw Fury is now a thing and we’ve started telling the world (no yelling yet) about who we are and why we are here.

Raw Fury is really the brainchild of a super intelligent evil artificial intelligence from another dimension. But we can’t actually talk about that. Yet.

What we can talk about is Raw Fury itself. We might say it’s a new breed of publisher for boutique and indie games. But we might just as well call it an UnPublisher – because of how badly the publishing term – or what it traditionally stands for – fits with what we’re doing.

We’re all former developers. We used to run studios, design games, produce them and ship them. We’ve seen all the shizzle, when it comes to developing games and dealing with all the traditional models. We’ve tried it all on our own skin. Now it’s our time to help fellow developers to achieve their best work and get it out there. Into the hands of people that truly appreciate what they’ve striven to create.

So Raw Fury is UnPublishing – in the sense of trying to dismantle how publishing traditionally works, in favor of actually being there for the developers. They run the show. They are front and center. We’re a support unit. We are fans and cheerleaders.

We want others to be able to feel what we’ve felt, as we saw those games for the first time and experienced the amazing passion, vision, blood, sweat and tears that are the backbone of every work of art put out there in a form of a great game.

Of course the evil AI might have more sinister motives – injecting the world with such compelling experiences, that we can’t tear ourselves from our screens. As it slowly takes over the world in the background. But that’s waaay over there in the future somewhere. Don’t worry about it.

Anyway – that’s Raw Fury. Now enough about us. We can’t wait to tell you more about the games we’re already helping find their way into your hands. Those are what matters. Let’s focus on that.