The Last Night

Just look at it.


Anything you’ve seen about The Last Night over the years looks like it could be its own piece of art, each scene handcrafted with such care and minute detail that the city in which it takes place appears to be a character in of itself. It is nothing short of jaw dropping in its beauty and since the winning prototype debuted at the #cyberpunkjam almost three years ago, fans have clamored for any inkling on what Odd Tales have been up to since. The team, led by Creative Director Tim Soret, have only given scant glimpses here and there, but today we can pull aside a piece of the curtain.

Odd Tales and Raw Fury are partnering up to help bring The Last Night to life.
The Last Night has always been alive though, make no mistake. Odd Tales have been working tirelessly over the years to maintain their promise of crafting a post-cyberpunk world inspired by the great cinematic platformers, and now we are fortunate to have a small part in making The Last Night a reality.

Our infatuation with The Last Night comes from before Raw Fury was even formed, from a time when the individuals who eventually created Raw Fury stumbled across this evocative and beautiful neon landscape during their previous lives, but that’s a story for another time.

The story here is that The Last Night has been thriving behind the scenes all these years and now we’re preparing to show the world what Odd Tales is creating. Later this year when you see how far The Last Night has come, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

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